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For a small retail business owner, finding the flexible business finance solutions you need can seem daunting. However, Liquid Finance is here to support the growth of your company with our retail alternative finance options such as our merchant cash advance. Using this business finance solution, you can expand your bottom line and make purchases for bulk inventory, seasonal inventory, improve your signage and advertising, meet unplanned expenses, and much more.

The strength of alternative finance in the retail sector
The retail industry in the UK has more than doubled in size since the beginning of the 1990s. However to access this growing market, retailers, and particularly small retailers, had to maintain exceptional credit records in order to access traditional banking credit. What’s more these loans often put restrictions on what the business owner could spend the new funds on. We at Liquid Finance think the best-positioned individual to decide on a good business purchase is the business owner themselves, which is why our merchant cash advance options come with none of the spending limitations or guidelines that traditional banking options have. This gives you full control over how to deploy your new funds for maximum commercial success, which we believe gives your business the best pathway to long-term growth.


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